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Poster: Tyler Date: Sep 20, 2005 7:23am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Adding star ratings to the 'browse band' / 'info' page of a band?

that asks for certain criteria: 'how would you catagorize this band?'; and then have a drop-screen with options: bluegrass, funk, rock, folk, etc..

Thats a great idea, but that's more in the 'eventually' region. I was looking for real-world, 1-month implementation solution and in order to do that, we need to use what already exists: the db based star rating system. the drop downs are great, but that will have to be sometime in the future.

From dave, below: What about a place for people to list off other bands that sound similar? Similar to Amazon's system where it suggests other bands. It could be automatic if you track where people go. For example: "People who listened to this band also listened to this other one."

This is also a good idea, but again, writing / creating new code is great in theory, but the past three years have proven that new stuff takes time and is on the far back burner. We have to use what we have coded already and think low-tech. The review box where you can type in there, that would be the place where users can suggest in type other bands that sound the same. implementing the tracking where people go / cross refrence links (if you liked _____ (the band you are viewing), then you'd like _____ (another band)) aren't what i'm looking for, though they would be nice. they would be in the 'eventually' category.

I'll commit to writing one review a week of a band just to get is started... hopefully others who are more versed in these other bands will join the Reviewers Page.

Glad to see the motivation is there! I too would be all over it if it was implemented.

I'm just looking to get this thing going, and from my understanding of the way the reviews are pegged to the db, this should be doable onto the db entry for either the band details page, or the band browse page. .. hopefully it is!

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